: Armored Cloud®

When it comes to Armored Cloud®, AKG has got you covered. The first secure communications as a service platform built specifically for distributed environments as a complete end to end solution. The only commercially available cyber security platform to successfully pass the National Security Community's most advanced operational "red team" testing. Armored Cloud® is the only product on the market that enables data providers and users truly randomized access, providing a unique doorway for each and every session. This combined with other capabilities of the system makes Armored Cloud® virtually impenetrable. Armored Cloud® makes going covert easy. With its multi-layered protection against outside exploitation, it covers your location and blocks eavesdropping. All of the traffic is private, encrypted, and hidden from public internet viewing. You can be completely anonymous because Armored Cloud® blocks all attribution of online activity. There is no connection between the entry doorways and your cloud or data from attackers.

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: Application Development

When it comes to Application Development, AKG has got you covered. Our Technical Team is fully versed in the entire Software Development Lifecycle and practices Agile development. We are skilled in creating custom Web Parts, Workflows, Event Receivers, and WCF and SOAP Web Services as well as console programs that use the SharePoint API to capture and process data. The team can also use the Business Connectivity Services application to synchronize data between your SQL Server or Oracle Server.

Whether it's just high-end user-based processes, like creating InfoPath Forms and complex SharePoint Designer workflows, or full-out coding from the ground up, AKG has what it takes to get your customizations up and running.

Synchronize . Processes . Customize

: Application Integration

Integrating current applications can be tricky, but we walk customers through setting up their SharePoint platforms environment so there is no hassle.

AKG specializes in using "no-code" technologies such as InfoPath Forms, Excels Services, Business Connectivity Services, SharePoint Designer Workflows, and third party tools such as CorasWorks© Data Integration Toolsets and Bamboo© Project Central to conquer these conundrums. It doesn't matter whether the data comes from within SharePoint, or an external source such as a Web Service or a Database; the data can be surfaced through SharePoint so a fully integrated solution can exist right in the SharePoint site and right where you need it most.

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: Architecture

: Help Desk

AKG's help desk support services are top notch, focusing on what you need and how to get that accomplished quickly with the best standards. We have worked in multiple venues which include commercial and governmental agencies (federal, state, and local). Our help desk big wigs have extensive experience in development and maintenance of mission-critical help desks. We currently support and manage several large organizations in managing all levels of their help desk requirements from business working hours to 24x7 technical support.

Our expertise spans several help desk ticketing systems—Remedy, Heat, Tivoli, Altiris, and others. In addition, user support is the measure of our success—we currently provide Service Level Agreements which require rapid response times.

Experience . Availability . Response

: Migration Services

AKG handles all aspects of data migration from technical configuration to behavioral change management and training. We know your data is important and losing information is not in our vocabulary.

Our experience ensures you retain the integrity of vital information and business processes. We specialize in migrations and upgrades involving SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Notes.

Retain . Upgrade . Configure

: Security

: Technical Support

: UI/UX Design

AKG has a team of experts who focus solely on the experience users have when they visit a site. They combine their attentiveness to details with skillfully executed development to create a concise and modern websites. User adoption is a core facet to AKG's success and we understand the user experience is a large part of that.

Our team weaves together text, graphics, layouts, and interactive elements using the most current and efficient practices. Every initiative is different and AKG strives to create those unique experiences, tailored to their business foundation.

Design . Develop . Delivers

: Workflow Development

With the capabilities of workflows, AKG works with you to automate your business processes. We employ the new and improved Workflow Actions to turn complex processes into simple setups. We only use best practices when setting up your workflows and make sure to fully integrate them into your daily actions.

And if you do end up struggling with an InfoPath Form, AKG's InfoPath Gurus are on hand to get the job done.

Automate . Simplicity . Integrate