: Adoption

Adoption is AKG's sweet spot. Our community-of-practice mechanisms kick in to promote user-to-user learning and support. Without that you have the "boom-and-bust" curve which shows rapid early growth and then a decline as the system collapses under its own weight. True success depends on your employees' ability and commitment to use new processes and the new technology. We call this success factor "user adoption," and it's a hallmark of AKG's approach.

We'll start your project by listening to you – learning about your business needs, business processes, and the organizational culture. We make sure to engage multiple levels of the organization to get feedback and buy-in from important stakeholders. With this approach, we will create the right solution, with an adoption strategy to get people to use it effectively.

Engage . Commitment . Learn

: Advising/Coaching

AKG's consultants listen to you and your staff. We interpret the operations and business processes you currently employ and help your team transition to easier and faster ways of doing business. We also pay attention to the individual levels of expertise and comfort with your in-house technology platforms. We are sensitive to the varying levels of exposure to technology and offer coaching as needed. Our delicate approach empowers each user and fast tracks adoption as we work with your data, your operations, and your points of pain.

We use terminology your staff is familiar with and walk stakeholders though each facet of our engagement with deliberate and consistent communication.

Approach . Transition . Communication

: Business Analysis

Business analysis and process improvement is best accomplished through the involvement of a blended team of business stakeholders, owners and users. AKG's consultants are trained in change management, organizational development, business process improvement, and knowledge management. AKG will work with your organization to identify critical business processes to analyze "points-of-pain" to improve efficiency and minimize waste.

AKG will identify and implement process improvements and monitor the execution of your process so nothing falls behind or gets missed.

Improvement . Efficiency . Implement

: Collaboration Consulting

There is more to a successful collaboration solution than the technology underlying it. Long lasting, valuable solutions involve strategies for integrating business operations and the technology which supports those operations. We focus on the change from "the way we've always done it" to "doing it better". We help you to develop strategies for online collaboration, change management, and user adoption. And let's not forget the training.

No one likes to talk about training, but it is the critical factor to your success. Users who are not trained on your technology will not use it. It's as simple as that. We offer training tailored to your company's and team's specific needs and business context as part of a solution implementation and also as stand-alone services.

Strategy . Implementation . Adoption

: Change Management

It's not easy to change. AKG understands that managing organizational change is essential to the success of projects and initiatives, and to the health of the organization. We help you adjust to new processes and the systems and ease the workforce transitions without loss of institutional knowledge and productivity. We can plan, oversee, and support your transition to improved ways of working, communicating, and sharing information.

AKG also attends to the technical aspects of change, including data migrations and configuration management.

Transition . Productivity . Process

: IT Governance

Controlling your environment ensures you and your staff can work as efficiently as possible. We work with issues concerning technical governance and – equally as important – user-based governance to make sure your business processes flow smoothly.

With the body of governance we've developed and tested over the years, AKG guides you through setting up the right configuration for site security and site ownership that is customized with client involvement to fit all of your unique conditions.

Unique . Control . Effective

: Knowledge Management Business Process Improvement

AKG's approach to knowledge management is focused and realistic. We build a knowledge management program one tactical step at a time – demonstrating value and gradually building up the resources necessary for long-term success. Part of this is done by rooting KM in the key work processes of the client organization: what do I need to know to do my job better or faster? We also build the KM infrastructure as the overall program proves its worth. No KM program is going to survive without committed effort by the people who know the most – the client workforce. The cadre of trained facilitators at one of our large scale government clients is a perfect example – they are drawn from the workforce, they are supported, and they own the KM program – not AKG.

AKG was in the business of process improvement well before the broad availability of automated workflow tools in software suites like Microsoft SharePoint, and we've integrated our BPI methodology with our Knowledge Management and SharePoint support services. Our business analysts walk clients through business process optimization so we can get the right process into knowledge-sharing platforms like SharePoint. Accurate process maps also serve as the basis for organizing knowledge artifacts (articles, how-to's, best practices) in the context of the process itself.

Facilitation . Support . Manage

: Project/Program Management

Program Management is a strong point for AKG. Our success as a business and technology consulting firm is due in large part to our experience working with clients to create a business-focused Program Management Plan emphasizing efficiency and cost-containment.

By providing the right resources with the appropriate skill-sets and utilizing a thorough and well defined project management framework, AKG excels at managing project teams, deliverables, schedules, and budgets to meet and exceed any client's expectations. Our success is your success.

Planning . Resources . Framework

: SharePoint

When SharePoint came on the market, AKG pounced at the opportunity to unleash its potential. We are completely synced with all that SharePoint has to offer and can help you reap the benefits. SharePoint is all about collaboration and AKG helps your organization to understand how it will best fit within your environment. Then we build up your training so you and your team can become SharePoint masters. Our balanced approach to SharePoint implementations works by utilizing the various features and functions available in SharePoint to make across the board improvements in what's most important to you.

We also offer SharePoint Quick Reference Guides to provide an easy reference tool for SharePoint users. And our blog is a great place to get the scoop on all things collaboration and SharePoint.

Organize . Implement . Utilize

: Tailored /Specialized Training

AKG starts planning customized training from the moment a client engagement begins. We'll start identifying different groups and levels within your user community and determine what each group needs to know to participate in and benefit from a new collaboration or knowledge management approach.

AKG customized training includes:

  • In-person
  • Virtual online with a live trainer
  • Automated computer bases training (CBT)

We have training curricula for beginner and advances SharePoint training that has been tested by thousands of students. We use feedback and measured results to tune our courses.

Check out our Training page!

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